Running With Dan

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“Whether you want to lose weight, run a marathon, beat your mental health or give up smoking, I want you to believe it’s possible. #anythingispossible”

About Me

Back in October 2017, I weighed 18 stone. Since then I’ve lost 6 stone and have run over 7 half and full marathons including the London Marathon!

What’s This Website?

I set this website up to help those of you, overweight or not, to start running, just like I did two years ago. Whether you’re looking at running a 5k, 10k or marathon, anything is possible.

Join My Community

I want to start an online community of runners who can share their stories and inspire others. Follow my running journey, join me on Twitter @runswithdan, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube too.

“What a great inspiration. I started running in March and have experienced many of the same things as you.”

“I’ve seen you change for better these past years Dan. Truly committed every day, whatever the weather.”

“What a fantastic story, I work with quite a few people who’ve been diagnosed with Aspergers and I will share your story.”

“We often see you out running and it has been inspirational watching your transformation.”