OMG, I’m running the New York Marathon, 26.2 miles of New York awesomeness. But one thing I haven’t mentioned was, I’m going on my own. I was so nervous before booking, I’ve been abroad before with other people but never ON MY OWN.

I took a deep breath and booked it, yes it was incredibly fearful, the unknown, what will be waiting for me in New York, hopefully a private transfer to my hotel. But I booked it, I faced my fear, now if I take the “FEAR BUBBLE” approach, click here to see my blog on fear, I don’t need to be fearful, I only need to be fearful when I get on the plane, but even then there’s no need to be fearful. For a person with Aspergers, to take on this kind of feat is astonishing, travelling across the other side of the world, but I can do it, I know I can, after all #anythingispossible. Now the fear has gone, I’m feeling excited, ready to tackle the “Big Apple” by myself.

PS If you’re running New York Marathon and have booked with Sports Tours International, get in touch, I’d love to meet when I’m over there!

Published by runningwithdan

Back in October 2017, I weighed 18 stone. Since then I’ve lost 6 stone and have run over 7 half and full marathons including the London Marathon! I want to start an online community of runners and “want to be” runners who can share their stories and inspire others. Join me on Twitter @runswithdan, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

2 thoughts on “I’m Running The NEW YORK MARATHON!

  1. That’s amazing 👍.. I wish you luck as you continue training and I’m sure you’ll meet so many people who will then become your friends 😊


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