Let’s Start A Podcast

If you missed my #ukrunchat on Twitter last Sunday it was amazing, being able to hear each and everyone’s running journey. So I started thinking, why don’t I, yes me, an ordinary runner from Banbury start a podcast so I can get those ordinary runners’ stories from Bermuda in Nuneaton, Littlehampton or Rochdale out there!

Want to share your story with me? Email runswithdan@gmail.com, tweet me, facebook me, or insta me @runswithdan, For know, here’s some of my favourite stories, there were so many to choose, from last week’s #ukrunchat!

Published by runningwithdan

Back in October 2017, I weighed 18 stone. Since then I’ve lost 6 stone and have run over 7 half and full marathons including the London Marathon! I want to start an online community of runners and β€œwant to be” runners who can share their stories and inspire others. Join me on Twitter @runswithdan, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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