You’re Not Stuck At Home

It’s been another strong week in self-isolation, working from home’s going well, we played Who Wants To Be A Millionaire DVD Game last night and we won a million, annoying that it doesn’t print out the money at the end through the DVD player. In terms of exercise I’m feeling the strongest I’ve ever felt, I’m doing some of the Running Channel’s workouts which is really strengthening me. It’s Easter weekend too, I’ve ordered my mum, dad, sister and brother, a special treat via Amazon, sshh it’s a surprise.

Anyway, this week I really want to go into the importance of routine. In order to survive self-isolation, whether you’re working from home or not, you need routine, you need a structure, something to wake up to in the morning to drive you. I’ve made a video above exploring this, take a look when you get a moment.

Change Your Mindset

Even if you don’t think you have any reason to get up in the morning especially if you’re not working from home, you do. When I was looking for a job after University it took me 6 months to find one, but I still never gave up. I was up every morning treating my search for a job as full time 9-5pm, I was applying for 100 or so jobs a day, I was working on my social media presence, my CV, my interview skills, my business connections.

“You’re not stuck at home, you’re being given an opportunity, an opportunity to excel, to train you mind to do things you never thought were possible…”

What I’m trying to say is, set yourself a new project, every day get up at 6am, have breakfast, exercise, take a shower, a cold one really gets the body pumping and get working on that project. When you lose focus, start some breathing exercises, play a game, watch some TV, read a book, clean the house. You see, you’re not stuck at home, you’re being given an opportunity, an opportunity to excel, to train you mind to do things you never thought were possible…

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Back in October 2017, I weighed 18 stone. Since then I’ve lost 6 stone and have run over 7 half and full marathons including the London Marathon! I want to start an online community of runners and “want to be” runners who can share their stories and inspire others. Join me on Twitter @runswithdan, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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