You’re Not Stuck At Home

It’s been another strong week in self-isolation, working from home’s going well, we played Who Wants To Be A Millionaire DVD Game last night and we won a million, annoying that it doesn’t print out the money at the end through the DVD player. In terms of exercise I’m feeling the strongest I’ve ever felt,Continue reading “You’re Not Stuck At Home”

Believe You Can And You Will

Two weeks ago I wrote a blog saying this was going to be the biggest mental challenge of my life and it is, but I’m through the worst, I’m feeling like I’m back, back to the Dan we all know. Yesterday, I finished a 10k in 46 minutes, my belief is back, today I’m feelingContinue reading “Believe You Can And You Will”

Self Isolation Week 1: All Sorts Of Exercise

Yoga, Tai Chi, Tabata, Boxercise, Shadow Boxing, a 2 mile run in the garden, I couldn’t have done anymore forms of exercise this week. Yep, it’s week 1 of coronavirus lockdown and it’s been the hardest week of my life due to my anxiety, click here to read my previous blog.

Anxiety: It’s All About The Feeling

There’s got to be plenty of people like me with Aspergers or High Functioning Autism who’ve had anxiety but only to a certain level. I used to get anxious but only to the extent that it made me nervous or shy, especially in social situations. This time it’s completely different. With all the coronavirus news,Continue reading “Anxiety: It’s All About The Feeling”