Public Speaking, Acting, Performing, I’m Not Scared On Stage

You must be reading this thinking, what a stupid comment, why isn’t he scared to go in front a huge audience and act, embarrass himself and speak. Well, the truth is I’m not scared because I know what I’m doing, I know what I’m going to say, I’ve rehearsed everything beforehand so I know what’sContinue reading “Public Speaking, Acting, Performing, I’m Not Scared On Stage”

Autism Is A Talent, Not A Disability

Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Hans Christian Andersen, Charles Darwin, Michelangelo and many, many others have one common trait. They all had a form of ASPERGERS or AUTISM. Before you read this blog, I bet you didn’t know that, I bet you’re wondering how on earth they accomplished so much with suchContinue reading “Autism Is A Talent, Not A Disability”

Read This And You’ll Never Get Sick

Cold, flu, sickness bug, I hear people complaining that they’re ill all the time, but the truth is they’re not. Just because you’ve got a runny nose or they’re suffering from a stomach bug, they’re not actually ill, they can breath, walk and eat, it just might end up coming out your mouth in aContinue reading “Read This And You’ll Never Get Sick”