Coronavirus Is NOT Going To Kill You

CORONAVIRUS IT WILL KILL YOU, WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE, WE MAY AS WELL GIVE YOU, ITS THE END OF THE WORLD, IT’S THE NEXT PLAGUE, IT’S THE END OF HUMANITY I’ve never seen so much fear being spread around society in all my life, I mean coronavirus is just a form of flu, theContinue reading “Coronavirus Is NOT Going To Kill You”

Scared To Run A Marathon? Read This

Tonight (Sunday 5th January 2020) Ant Middleton starts another series in the UK of SAS Who Dares Win. If you’re not familiar with the show he’ll put 20 or so contestants under a demanding training schedule for the SAS. If they complete it, they’ll win a place in the SAS. One thing that stops mostContinue reading “Scared To Run A Marathon? Read This”