Why You Should Try A Cold Shower

Love my cold shower every morning! It’s one place where I tend to get a runners high the most often, that feeling after a long, 20 mile run. Why not inflict more pain on myself? Why not stick the shower on -50 and freeze to death? After all there is magic in misery. I haveContinue reading “Why You Should Try A Cold Shower”

Autism Is A Talent, Not A Disability

Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Hans Christian Andersen, Charles Darwin, Michelangelo and many, many others have one common trait. They all had a form of ASPERGERS or AUTISM. Before you read this blog, I bet you didn’t know that, I bet you’re wondering how on earth they accomplished so much with suchContinue reading “Autism Is A Talent, Not A Disability”

Managing My Mental Health

Sorry to start of on such a negative note I’ll chip in with a few funny bits, it’s been a tough week, first I get struck down with a cold that felt like I had coronavirus but I’ve still battled through, I can hardly talk as I write this, if you could hear me rightContinue reading “Managing My Mental Health”