Make Your Year Run RED

Congratulations, you’ve done it, RED January 2020 has officially ended, you’ve ran or exercised everyday this month! But how are you feeling? Great, amazing, the best you’ve ever felt or could it be that you didn’t enjoy it one bit, you struggled, couldn’t breath, got sweaty and really hated it, you only signed up becauseContinue reading “Make Your Year Run RED”

Coping With My Car Accident

I know, the image above doesn’t look great, I can tell you know it wasn’t either. That’s my car in the middle, the black Dacia Sandero. Being whipped from behind by a car travelling 45mph whilst you’re stationary isn’t pretty and it damaged me mentally having Aspergers as well as physically, but the good news,Continue reading “Coping With My Car Accident”

Read This And You’ll Never Get Sick

Cold, flu, sickness bug, I hear people complaining that they’re ill all the time, but the truth is they’re not. Just because you’ve got a runny nose or they’re suffering from a stomach bug, they’re not actually ill, they can breath, walk and eat, it just might end up coming out your mouth in aContinue reading “Read This And You’ll Never Get Sick”