My Journey Back Into Running

If someone said to you go and run 10k, it doesn’t matter how long it takes you, just go and run, could you? Well that’s what I just did, I simply went out and ran the distance, I mean it took me 1 hour and 16 minutes but that doesn’t matter, I went out andContinue reading “My Journey Back Into Running”

Why I’ll Always Be A Runner

So many people ask “what is a runner?”, “what is a jogger?”. A runner is someone who goes out and put’s their shoes on and runs. There’s no difference between a runner and a jogger, as long as you’re moving towards a finish line then you are a runner. I’m writing this after not runningContinue reading “Why I’ll Always Be A Runner”

Join Me For #UKRunChat

I’ll be co-hosting (@runswithdan) a #UKRunChat @ukrunchat on Twitter this Sunday 23rd February at 8pm! I’m incredibly honored to be joined by Olympians Michelle Dillon (@Dillo7) and Magic Stu (@StuHayes13) from Team Dillion Triathlete Coaching, sponsored by @aftershokzuk.

Negatives Can Become Positives

Warning, if your name is DENNIS don’t come near me for the next day or two and keep your dog gnasher, well away from me. Yep, if you haven’t guessed already the Great British Weather strikes again, it’s cancelled my half marathon at London’s Olympic Park. I mean I have to be honest, seeing thatContinue reading “Negatives Can Become Positives”