Why I’ll Always Be A Runner

So many people ask “what is a runner?”, “what is a jogger?”. A runner is someone who goes out and put’s their shoes on and runs. There’s no difference between a runner and a jogger, as long as you’re moving towards a finish line then you are a runner. I’m writing this after not runningContinue reading “Why I’ll Always Be A Runner”

Public Speaking, Acting, Performing, I’m Not Scared On Stage

You must be reading this thinking, what a stupid comment, why isn’t he scared to go in front a huge audience and act, embarrass himself and speak. Well, the truth is I’m not scared because I know what I’m doing, I know what I’m going to say, I’ve rehearsed everything beforehand so I know what’sContinue reading “Public Speaking, Acting, Performing, I’m Not Scared On Stage”

And Breath…

A big part of running we often don’t think about is breathing, we go about it everyday, we take it for granted, but when do we ever stop and listen to our breathing, listen to our breath going in and out, in and out. Having anxiety has really made me think about my breathing muchContinue reading “And Breath…”

Food Glorious Food

FOOD, us runners, (that’s me) love the stuff, whether it’s before a run, after a run or even on the run. In fact, I get many of my family often say I could eat for England, well you could say that about any of us after running a half or full marathon. I’m going toContinue reading “Food Glorious Food”