What Is Belief?

I think belief is something people need more of in society, many people go about there daily lives and don’t tend to push themselves. It was only last January I was at the National Running Show and Steve Cram was talking, he was saying that he didn’t just become a runner just like that, he had to believe it was possible. It’s like that song “I Believe I Can Fly”. R Kelly’s talking about flying metaphorically, he’s saying if you believe you can do something, it’s truly possible.

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Now That’s A Challenge

Things have been difficult for me lately, but that doesn’t mean I’m not up for a challenge. Yes, this challenge is a tough one, it’s to do 100 squats a day, everyday in February all for one amazing charity, Teenage Cancer Trust. I know this will benefit my running too as I’ll develop stronger hamstrings and glutes which will help power my runs. It’s going to be difficult though as 100 squats a day is going to hurt a lot, I mean a lot, but I’ll get through the challenge, it’s just getting in the right mindset. I’ll also be posting videos of my challenge everyday so please don’t forget to donate.

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My Journey Back Into Running

If someone said to you go and run 10k, it doesn’t matter how long it takes you, just go and run, could you? Well that’s what I just did, I simply went out and ran the distance, I mean it took me 1 hour and 16 minutes but that doesn’t matter, I went out and did it and completed the distance. I thoroughly believe if you put your mind to something you can do it, no matter how hard it maybe. Even if it’s a marathon, I could have ran the distance, it’s simply a matter of belief.

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Be Happy To Run In The Rain

I love TED talks, in fact I was watching one recently by a Buddhist priest, he was talking about how we must all be grateful for everything in our lives and how its the key to happiness. We should all be grateful for the things we have in our lives right down to things like turning on the light, drinking water or going out for a run in the rain, wind or snow. See, going out for a run in the rain shouldn’t be a chore, it’s a delight, you should appreciate the rain water pouring down on you, that’s the key to better mental health and happiness. Apply this to everything in your life and you become more eternally grateful and happy.

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What It Really Takes To Run A Marathon

The marathon, it’s no mean feat, 26.2 miles. Ever considered running one? I’ve run two and from my experience they are not easy things to master. I know two people who’ve run the distance, me and my Mum, no one else I know has ever considered running the distance. I’ve ran 2 marathons, one in London and the other in Bournemouth. My Mum’s ran the London Marathon.

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